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Human vision has evolved to see a split-second into the future. 

Nathan Beckett sees several seconds more. Now a covert agency wants to turn him into a weapon and a rogue scientist is willing to kill for the gift of precognition. Can Beckett stop a future he can already foresee? Grab your copy of this technothriller that draws new lines in the battle between fate and free will.


Learn the science

All humans have evolved to see the future.

Images from the eye take 100 milliseconds to reach the brain, so our brains have evolved to predict where things will be a tenth of a second from now.

Nathan Beckett’s ability is nearly thirtyfold. Now, a covert agency wants to turn him into a weapon, and a rogue scientist has him pushing the limits of precognition.

Vector Rising explores the dangers and mind-blowing possibilities of how we see the future. Grab your copy of this sci-fi thriller that takes the next step in the evolution of human vision.

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