Cole Carver

Vector Rising

The present moment is a knife-edge, and someone’s discovered how to wield it.

Nathan Beckett sees everything just before it happens. While normal human eyesight predicts motion by a tenth of a second, Beckett’s ability is nearly thirtyfold. Now, a covert agency wants to turn him into a weapon. Beckett refuses until he learns his choice might risk the life of a mother he barely knows.

As the former foster child hones his gift, Beckett realizes some people aren’t satisfied with mere seconds of future-seeing. A rogue scientist is testing the limits of precognition and developing a neurogenetic virus that may put countless lives in danger. Beckett soon finds himself caught between a traumatic past and visions of increasingly deadly futures.

Vector Rising is a science-fiction thriller that combines mind-bending neurobiology with relentless action. Pick up your copy of Cole Carver’s gripping novel that draws new lines in the battle between fate and free will.